Here are some useful FAQs
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Can I send normal JPG images from Focalyz, or do I always have to share active touch-focus images?
You can choose either. When you share an image, a pop up will ask if you want to share the active touch-focus image or send it with locked focus. The locked focus option is a standard JPG type image.
I want to back up all my Focalyz images to my computer. How do I do that?
Duplicates of all your Focalyz images are automatically saved on your iPhone camera roll, so they can be saved to your computer and other devices when you sync your devides or back up your iPhone camera roll.
Can I take action shots with Focalyz?
Focalyz is not suitable for shooting scenes with fast moving people or objects. A small amount of movement in the scene is OK, for example if people are moving around in the distant background of a scene. So when you are doing portraits and group shots, ask your subjects to strike a pose and keep still while you take the shot.